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Dentures Auckland: Reasons People Use Them

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A denture is a removable prosthesis replacement for missing teeth that rests on the gum ridge for support. Many people use dentures for they are not only easily available but affordable as well. These dentures come in two variants, partial dentures, and complete dentures. Partial dentures are commonly used where only a few teeth are missing, while complete dentures are used where more than 20 teeth may be missing. Experts however recommend looking for an experienced and certified dentist for this procedure. While it may not be painful, the dentist needs to ensure the dentures fit perfectly with little or no irritation or discomfort.

Inspire Dental is among the most trusted and accredited dental clinics in Auckland.  The clinic has a proven record and well-trained dentists that help ensure patients get the best dentures Auckland has to offer. Outlined below are some of the reasons many people choose dentures, and why you too should try them.

1.         To restore your smile

Missing teeth (particularly the front teeth) can have a huge impact on your smile and self-esteem. Most individual with missing front teeth shy off from smiling in fear of what other people will think. Nevertheless, going for the best dentures Auckland has to offer, can help restore your smile and confidence.  One of the main advantages of using dentures is that they fit and blend in perfectly with other teeth, hence very hard to detect.

2.         Improved oral health

Missing, cracked, or chipped teeth can be a source of a major oral health concern. Food particles, bacteria, and plague hide in these spaces leading to poor oral health and continued tooth loss. These gaps also make it hard to practice better oral hygiene too. Dentures help fill these gaps, which again inhibits bacterial growth and plaque. You can also remove these dentures to clean them further, hence no need for alarm.

3.         Teeth support

Gaps between teeth can cause remaining teeth to drift out of place. These often lead to malocclusion or misaligned bite. Such can affect your ability to chew food efficiently, and dental alignment as well. Partial dentures however help fill in the gap providing the required support needed to prevent drifting. Moreover, the dentures reduce chances of food particles getting trapped in between teeth.

4.         Affordability

Dentures are an economical alternative to other tooth replacement procedures. They are relatively easy to acquire too. You can have full dentures at quite an affordable price as compared to having permanent tooth replacements. The best clinics in the city also use a highly durable material for the same.  You can therefore be assured of at least 15 years of service from a single dental prosthesis. If looking for a short-term and affordable solution for missing teeth, then dentures Auckland has you covered.

Missing teeth can rob you off of your self-esteem and confidence while around people. You also never have to live with a deformed face just because several teeth are missing. Dentist Auckland provide you with an affordable option to have these teeth replaced to restore your once youthful look and a perfect bite. You can munch and chew on the foods you never thought possible again with these dentures.